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July 12, 2022

Twists and Turns from Corporate Life to Dream Farm Life | Jenna Byrne

Twists and Turns from Corporate Life to Dream Farm Life | Jenna Byrne

Episode 18: Jenna Byrne

In this episode, I talk to my friend Jenna about when she was five months pregnant with her first daughter; she and her husband quit their corporate jobs, sold everything they owned, and downsized to a travel trailer to travel the country and learn from other farmers. The twists and turns led them to truly understand what they wanted for their family. Through the conversation, we reminded ourselves that we must grow through all the challenging moments to get where we want to be.

Jenna is a wife and mother to two beautiful girls, ages 5 & 2, and owns The Farm alongside her husband in Sequim, Washington. Eight years ago, she was told she'd need long-term prescription medication to manage her disease after being diagnosed with an autoimmune condition. Looking for other options, she stumbled upon the paleo diet and started learning how changes to her diet could put her condition into remission. This research led her and her husband to find a passion for raising their own livestock & growing their food. After spending three years in Tennessee building their farm, retreat, & micro-bakery business on rented land, they knew they were ready to return to the pacific northwest. They bought their dream farm in December 2021 & are currently selling their pasture-raised eggs, sourdough products, microgreens, fruits, & vegetables from their self-serve farm stand. They will be launching their Whole Health CSA by the Fall of 2022 & will be shipping their farm-fresh, small-batch products to customers all over the country.

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