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Candid and insightful conversations

A must-listen if you enjoy hearing more about the people behind the story. Matt has candid conversations that hone in on pivotal life-changing moments, which is inspiring!

Significant, powerful stories

If you're a fan of inspiring stories and personal growth, you won't want to miss this podcast. The show features interviews with people from all walks of life who have experienced a pivotal moment that transformed their lives in a significant way. The stories are powerful, heartwarming, and often unexpected, showing the incredible resilience and strength of the human spirit. The host is an excellent interviewer, skillfully guiding the conversation to draw out the most insightful and inspiring aspects of each story. What I love most about this podcast is that it's not just about the transformation itself, but also about the journey that led up to it and the lessons learned along the way. It's a reminder that no matter where you are in life, you have the power to create positive change and that sometimes, the most significant breakthroughs come from unexpected places. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone looking for a little inspiration and motivation to transform their own life.

Inspiring helpful stories

The topics covered and stories shared are so impactful. Really could help a ton of people and the content is very relatable. Thankful this podcast exists!

A Truly PIVOTAL Podcast!

Matt Gilhooly, host of The Life Shift Podcast, is extremely adept at getting his guests to be vulnerable and engage them in intimate dialogue as if they've been friends for years. He's a natural storyteller, who like many podcasters fell into this journey serendipitously and then fell in love with it. What I love most about the show is that he happily sat in "the hot seat" and allowed himself to be interviewed by one of his past guests. He talks of losing his mother at the tender young age of 8, and then his grandmother more recently - and how each catalyzed a very opposite life shift for him. It's amazing that Matt's only been doing this for a year, as the caliber of the show (content, sound quality, flow, the whole 9) are on par with that of NPR, The New York Times, or some other huge studio. If you're looking to make sense of this tangled bowl of spaghetti called life, with all its twists and turns, then this pivotal podcast is definitely for you.

Engaging, Heartfelt Content

This is a wonderful podcast. Matt is truly committed to sharing stories that can lead us all to want to do better things for the world around us. There is motivation, heart ache, and a mix of other emotions. Very well done and I look forward to hearing more.

Truly Impactful Stories

Wow…how each of these guests opens up and shares such raw and authentic moments and shifts in their lives is truly inspiring and cathartic. The host does a great job of leaving space for the guests to share but has a great empathetic connection. I’m enjoying each episode and will be following!

Matt is great!

I love hearing these life shifting stories! Surprised at how relatable most of these episodes are to me and I have loved listening to Matt guide his guests through episode after episode. Well done.

Quality Content

I am so inspired by the stories covered in The Life Shift. Thank you Matt for your vulnerability and your great guests!

Love this podcast, so inspiring.

I’ve enjoyed this podcast and the many guest stories. Thought provoking and heartfelt experiences. It’s made me examine my own life shifts and outcomes… can’t wait for more

Amazing show!

I am so glad I came across this show! The episodes with Josh painter was really inspiring. I used to be active in real estate and just hearing how he was able to figure it out and make a way for himself was amazing. Love tuning in!

It gets real

First time listener and the sharing is amazing and really hits home.

So great

Love this podcast!! Great stories and perfect companion for when I need something inspiring.

A trip down memory lane

I really enjoy the concept of this podcast. It got me thinking back to all those times I could have gone down the path everyone else went down. So glad I chose the road less traveled!


Very cool concept. I will be honestly I typically would not be one to look for a podcast like The life Shift but I’m glad I listened. I have never given much thought to the moments in my life that changed the trajectory but listening to these stories has me going back over my life and really appreciating those moments!


We all have pivot points in our lives. Matt curates engaging guests to share their stories of turns in their lives for the better or worse. He does a great job of guiding the guest, then getting out of the way. What you'll find is that common threads bind us all. There are many forks in the road, and people choose based on a variety of reasons. In the end, we all must learn to navigate the path after our choices or circumstances. This podcast will help you relate to others.

Just good stuff here

When the show ends- you wish it was longer. I know- strange statement in a fast- paced world. Just great conversation, thought-provoking statements that make you want to start listening from the beginning to not miss anything. Recommended!

Wow these stories are inspiring

I’m a new listener and loving this podcast! The stories people share really showcase perseverance, innovation, and creativity as people make huge changes in their lives! Love it and can’t wait to keep listening. Huge fan! Andrea Vahl - Late Starters Club podcast

Sincere and informative

Open and honest conversations. The host and guests pull up the emotional curtain and give the listener a chance to relate and apply life lessons to their own situations. Definitely worth a listen.

Great Premise!

Love the overarching topic and the deep dive into each guest’s story. Inspiring takeaways for the listener. A very enjoyable listen!

Great tips

You never know what amazing lesson you will learn. Each guest Matt brings on has a unique lesson to share. Love this pod.

Candid helpful conversations

I really like this podcast and it’s quick previews to know what is up ahead. The conversations are so helpful and boost my mind to shift towards empowerment rather than imposter syndrome

Interesting and engaging

I like hearing the dramatic stories of how people have overcome difficulties in their life. The guests have unique stories that fit with the theme of this podcast.


I’m not only amazed at the interesting stories and people Matt finds, but also appreciated the community he is creating around his ideas!

It’s my life

I really resonated with the guest on the episode I listened to. Although the particulars are different, I have had my own moment of needing to find my passion and follow it. The pandemic helped with that, somewhat, but keeping going toward that goal has been a step by step process and this episode just helped to know I was on the journey I was meant to be.


Thank you Matt for giving people a platform to share their stories. It’s inspiring to hear people being vulnerable and overcoming obstacles.

Don’t miss out!

Matt is a great question asker and authentic soul. And his guests are fantastic! Don’t sleep on this podcast. Subscribe today!

Engaging storytelling

Such a great podcast to remind us that we are in control of our own story. The host keeps the conversation engaging and the guests all have meaningful stories to share.

Surprising relatable stories

I listen to a teacher’s challenge and journey thinking I likely would not have to much in common. But, the interview and podcast touched a number of remarkable and interesting subjects and stories. I like the flow and conversation.

Motivational stories and great dialogue

Matt does a great job of engaging with the guests and getting them to comfortably share their stories of pivotal life moments. Each story is motivational and inspiring.


Matt is masterful in his episodes, which has me hooked. From the questions he asks his guests, which always pull out the most golden of nuggets, to his tonality and demeanor, he’s masterful!