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Makes me think

This podcast and every episode makes me think about my own life and the ways in which I have had shifts happen! I love listening to the conversations Matt has with his guests!

Real Conversations, Real People

Matt has a way of creating a framework for people to come forward with their story and allow them to organically offer the wisdom that is particular to their life shift. He never gets in the way of the guest, but tastefully and skillfully guides them to the milestones that we listeners need to hear most. Really good podcast. Thanks for celebrating the stories of others.

Amazing Real Life Stories

Every episode featured on TLSP is impactful - from stories of grief to parenthood to addiction...the list goes on! So many real life experiences that we often don’t hear too much of behind the scenes. Matt has a gifting in allowing his guests to really feel comfortable & vulnerable as they break down their ‘life shifts’ and share the good & bad in those experiences. There’s something to take away & learn from within each episode.

Conversations we should be having

In listening to in-depth, candid conversations with a wide range of guests, the listener is treated to real people examining real moments in their lives that changed everything. We all have “shifts” big and small through our lives. Each episode here shares pearls of wisdom and guidance through listening to how others took “what happened to them” and funneled it into a new direction, often with inspiring results. Highly recommend!

Great Show!

This is a really cool concept that Matt executes perfectly. You can learn a lot of valuable life lessons and perspectives while going along for the journey with each of the guests, and I like the importance it places on each person’s individual journeys.

Thoughtful, insightful and authentic

Matt has a really lovely way of interviewing his guests that make the conversations such a pleasure to listen to. Highly recommend this podcast for some fresh perspectives and great storytelling!

Conversations That Tug on Your Heart

Matt has an amazing way of interviewing that makes it feel as if you’re listening to a heart to heart conversation. Sometimes I almost feel like I’m eavesdropping on a private and intimate conversation but the stories that are told are so real and so raw sometimes that it really makes you feel for that guest.

Raw, vulnerable and beautiful

I had the privilege of appearing on Matt’s podcast, and have listened to a few episodes with other guests. Matt has an incredible gift in knowing how to connect with others in a way where they feel safe to open and share their most vulnerable life-changing stories. He approaches his interviews with empathy, compassion, and open-mindedness. I can’t wait to see how this show continues to evolve!

So relatable!

So important to share our stories and Matt gives people the space to do this. So beautiful! Thanks for the inspiring stories!

A safe space for real stories

Thank you, Matt, for creating this safe space for people to tell real and vulnerable stories about their life shifts. I always find some nugget of inspiration from hearing about the challenges and obstacles others have encountered in their lives and it’s so uplifting. Your interview style is kind and inviting and helps to get to the heart of these stories. Highly recommend this podcast to anyone looking for inspiring stories.

Inspiring and Relatable

I love this podcast! Even if you haven’t been through the same situation, listeners can easily relate to the life changing moments that shape each interviewee’s journey. Matt does an excellent interviewing each guest, and framing each person’s experience in a way that is positive and inspiring.

Inspiring podcast, we need more of it

This is the podcast you need to listen if you need to find more purpose in your life. If you need to get more intention in what you do. If you need to get inspiration for your next step. This is what Matt, the host, has been doing with great talent. He brings us to a room with people more inspiring than the others. Talking about what shifted in their life. Either happening as an accident or purposefully. These shifts are often a blessing in disguise opening up their lives outside of their comfort zone. I felt so inspired to do more when I was listening to them. We need more of this!


From the moment the music plays and the core purpose of the podcast is brilliantly spoken, you feel invited. Matt welcomes you to embark on this journey through story with diverse voices as they share moments of pivotal shifts leading them to discover their true self. As you listen in reflection, I found myself hearing my own voice as I resonated with so many speakers. This is a beautiful anthology of incredible humans brave enough to listen to their inner voice and take inspired action. I am humbly inspired and will continue ti build with renewed confidence. Thank you for sharing this with the world.

A Breath of Fresh Air!

It’s so refreshing to find a podcast focusing on people and their personal stories stemming from everything from unexpected life coincidences, joyous life events, family experiences, or even grief. Matt is an excellent host - guiding his guests into a form of storytelling that leaves listeners pondering the same questions that his guests have uniquely maneuvered during their personal ‘life shift’. At a time when empathy seems in short supply, ‘The Life Shift’ is a masterful podcast at expanding the heart and the mind.

Powerful stories

Whether the subject has had a major life-shifting event or a series of smaller ones, Matt seamlessly leads the conversation in a way that is thoughtful, personal, and engaging. Although I’ve never met any of these individuals, I feel like we are friends after hearing their stories. Looking forward to catching up on older episodes and tuning in every week!

It’s like sitting down with friends

Each episode I’ve listened to is the equivalent of sitting down with friends and having the conversations we so rarely make the time to have in our often busy lives. How many times are you asked what events and turning points make you uniquely you? How often do you get to think about how sometimes large, and sometimes seemingly small, events shift the whole trajectory of people’s lives- without which they would be different entirely? Well, this podcast gives you the chance to do just that- connects you to people's humanity, and helps you see even the random strangers you encounter each day from a new perspective.

Honest and authentic storytelling!

Matt is such a great communicator! He has a way about him with making his guests feel at ease to then open up to share vulnerable stories about their greatest life shifts. I love the premise of this show especially at a time of living in a pandemic. So many people are reflecting on their lives right now and how they want to live more authentically. This show is very relevant with the times! Matt shows so much strength and courage in episode 11 where he shares his intimate story. Awesome work Matt! I can’t wait to dive into more episodes!

Fantastic podcast to motivate you to follow those life shifts!!

Matt has done a brilliant job setting up the stage for folks to share their stories on the life shifts that got them where they are today. He’s a great listener & the dialogue between him & the interviewees is easy to listen to & follow along with. You’d think he’s spent many years podcasting with how effortless these interviews seem. Looking forward to listening to many more episodes. Great job!!

I Love this Podcast!!

I look forward to diving in every Tuesday morning to meet whoever Matt is interviewing. Every individual has been so interesting and has had such moving stories that define who they are. Matt is amazing at asking poignant questions that bring out such emotion and honesty from his guests. I find myself reaching inside to bring up or deal with emotions that I may have not necessarily paid attention to in similar situations. Excellent and I Highly recommend The Life Shift!

Shifting Life, And Making Deep Connections

The Life Shift podcast is so powerful, beginning with host, Matt Gilhooly’s calm presence as he guides his guests on a journey sharing pivotal moments in their lives. Each episode is more moving than the next. As a listener, I felt deeply connected to pieces of each person’s story as these are raw, real moments. If you’re looking to listen to folks share a piece of themselves, and in turn you might find yourself thinking back on your own life shift, then this is the podcast for you!

Excellent Podcast!

I have enjoyed listening to The Life Shift. Matt does an excellent job facilitating a meaningful conversation with each guest that leaves me feeling encouraged and inspired by the way people handle pivotal moments in their life. Definitely worth a listen!

Inspiration for all walks of life!

The Life Shift podcast brings impactful stories to light that many can relate to or learn from! Sit back, relax, and be inspired by peoples’ stories of adjusting to major life shifts!


Podcast takes a look at journeys through big life event/s exploring what life looked like before, during, and on the other side. Episodes vary by individual and touch on death (or several), illness, or other major life changes and circumstances. I have found the stories inspiring, uplifting, encouraging and relatable. I’m a fan!

Real and Honest Conversations We Can All Relate To

I love these interviews. They’re so raw and authentic. Maybe we haven’t all gone through the same experiences as the speakers, but the emotions and the personal evolution are identifiable. We all understand crisis and the breaking points that lead us to change and growth. Highly recommended.

My favorite new show!

Each episode feels like sitting at a table with old friends, enjoying conversations and hearing stories that make us feel less alone. This show is the hug you need from the friend you needed to see.

Excellent Podcast!

Love this podcast. The stories shared are real, relatable, and heartfelt. The host is engaging and knows when to just listen. I love that it doesn’t feel scripted, but more like a casual conversation between two close friends. Keep up the good work!

Awesome podcast

Refreshing and honest conversations about pivotal moments in peoples lives. What a great idea!

Relatable and vulnerable

I love the theme - it’s deeply personal and helps you see how you can turn dark moments into positive life changes.

Great stories

Wonderful host and touching stories!

Great listen

The conversations are real & inspiring. Worth the listen.