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The Life Shift Podcast

The Life Shift Podcast

Candid conversations with people about the pivotal moments that changed their lives forever.

We all have our stories, but through these conversations, we discover communities. We learn that there are commonalities through the ups and downs that we all face. But most importantly, we learn that we are not alone. The Life Shift podcast highlights life-altering moments and humanizes the struggles and triumphs through them all.

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Recent Episodes


Season 2 Trailer: The Life Shift Podcast

March 22, 2023

Season 2 Trailer

Bonus: ONE YEAR of The Life Shift Podcast + Season 2 Trailer!

March 22, 2023

The Life Shift Podcast is ONE YEAR old as of March 22, 2023! This journey has been unexpected and incredible. I wanted to commemorate this moment, discuss the journey, and plans, and share the brand new UPDATED trailer for Y…

Trauma Depression Confidence Hearing Loss HearingLoss Hearing Loss

Releasing Shame and Embracing Purpose through Hearing Loss | Angela Irwin

March 21, 2023

Angela's story of resilience, courage, and self-discovery is truly inspiring. In this episode, she talks about how she had to confront her childhood trauma of losing her hearing over fifteen years and how this trauma manifes…

Guest: Angela Irwin

Preview: Chantal Watts - After the Recording: Patreon Bonus Episode #7

March 16, 2023

Patreon Bonus Episode 7 Teaser - Chantal Watts

Dreams Manifesting Career Financial

Our Stories Create Our Reality | Adam Coelho

March 14, 2023

Adam Coelho shares his powerful journey to mindfulness and entrepreneurship. He discusses the transformative power of mindfulness and the importance of being aware of the stories we tell ourselves. By becoming more mindful, …

Guest: Adam Coelho
EMDR Trauma Emotional Neglect Therapy

Exploring Emotional Trauma and Healing Through Therapy | Ryan Gottfredson

March 7, 2023

In this episode of The Life Shift Podcast, my guest, Ryan Gottfredson, a leadership development author, researcher, and consultant, shares his journey to understanding his relationship with his parents, his emotional struggl…

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A Bus Ride to Finding Hope

Pamela Topjian recently joined Matt Gilhooly on The Life Shift podcast to talk about the pivotal moments that changed her life forever. During the episod…

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