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May 24, 2022

The Dichotomy of Grief - My Story | Matt Gilhooly

The Dichotomy of Grief - My Story | Matt Gilhooly

Episode 11: Matt Gilhooly

In this episode, we flipped the script so that I could tell my story. Throughout the first batch of episodes, the guests (and listeners) asked when I would tell my story. So, in this episode, my first guest, Christin Lindley, leads the conversation as I share the pivotal moments that shaped my life and eventually led to The Life Shift podcast.

When I was eight, my mom died suddenly. This was the first shift – one that took over twenty years to process. And then, I watched my grandmother pass away. It is because of these two moments that I am who I am. And surprisingly, I am grateful for the experiences. Thank you all for joining me on this incredible, fulfilling journey of creating The Life Shift podcast. I hope you enjoy listening to my story and learning about my life shifts.


Matt Gilhooly is a creator. He is currently a Public Relations graduate student at the University of Florida. As a creator, Matt also enjoys designing content, such as communication materials, coloring books, digital art, pitch meeting presentations, keynote speaking engagements, and now, The Life Shift podcast.

Matt has self-published over ten coloring books on Amazon and recently released a new children's book that celebrates individuality and confidence, "I Can Be Anyone: A Soul's Journey," in June 2021.

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-Matt Gilhooly

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