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Aug. 19, 2022

UPDATE #3: More Recordings, New Equipment, and Episode Previews

UPDATE #3: More Recordings, New Equipment, and Episode Previews

Update Episode #3

In this update episode, I wanted to share exciting news about starting to record new episodes again and some equipment upgrades. I also wanted to share a few previews of the upcoming episodes through October 18, 2022.

In this episode, I discuss:

  • The Life Shift's new recording equipment
  • Working on new audio intro music with my cousin
  • New subscription models - ad-free and early release
  • Resuming recording new episodes for release starting 10/25 - initially looking for 10 to close out 2022, but interested in getting stories recorded for 2023 too.
  • Request to spread the word to potential guests
  • Rate and Review on Apple Podcasts

Upcoming Episode Preview:

Noelle Cheaib - Moving to another country can be so exciting. But what is it like finding "home" in a new country right when the world shuts down?

Ashley Pereira - Our childhood traumas can shape so much. Eventually, we might break, but what blooms after is so very beautiful in this story.

Dr. J. Rodriguez - Finding a mentor is a blessing. But getting to fulfill a mentor's final wish is a life-changing thing.

Heather Torres - Perfect life, right? Think again. This story shows resilience and finding the real meaning of life after a sudden, unexpected divorce.

Hondu Knight - Addiction is real. It can be deadly. But, if you are lucky, you find the space and grace to recover and inspire others.

Cory Keith - Retiring in your 30s from public service can turn into diving into your own rules and running a successful business.

Erica Kelly - Infertility's ups and downs, and the surprises of discovering that one of your unborn TWINS may have special needs.

Jenny Wood - Why not? Take risks because what if they work out? This episode is a fun story of chasing a stranger off a subway train (in a good way).

Rob Cressy - Literally, how positive affirmations and thoughts can save someone's life just as the lights are fading.

Thank you for being a part of this community of storytelling!

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