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Sept. 13, 2022

Finding a Sense of Self after an Unexpected Divorce | Heather Torres

Finding a Sense of Self after an Unexpected Divorce | Heather Torres

Episode 27: Heather Torres

Welcome back to The Life Shift Podcast—candid conversations about the pivotal moments that change lives forever!


In this episode, Matt is joined by educator, award-winning professional artist, and entrepreneur Heather Torres.


Heather shares her story of when her 18-year marriage ended unexpectedly and changed everything she knew about herself and the world around her.


Listen as Heather tells us how she went from what she considered happily married to separated and divorced within three months. Then, less than five months later, she found herself forced to face her grief head-on while living through the pandemic—Heather shares how some of the most difficult challenges in life can lead to profound growth and strength.


Finally, hear what Heather would say to herself if she could return to the moment when her life shifted.


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Heather Torres

Heather Torres is a mother, award-winning professional artist, entrepreneur, and the Director of Graduate Programs at a media arts university in Florida. Before working in education, Heather worked for over a decade as a sales professional, corporate trainer, marketing consultant, and Internet marketing department manager for a national property management company. She is a watercolor and acrylic fine artist and currently specializes in promoting fine art, art education, illustration and book publishing, exhibition curation, and event management. You can check out her artwork at Heather Torres has a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from the University of Central Florida and a Master's in Business Administration from Belhaven University. She expects to finish her doctorate in Business Administration from California Southern University in 2022.

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