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Oct. 11, 2022

Chasing an Attractive Stranger Off the Subway - A Life-Changing Encounter | Jenny Wood

Chasing an Attractive Stranger Off the Subway - A Life-Changing Encounter | Jenny Wood

S1E31: Jenny Wood

"I said to myself, 'No, screw the universe.' And I ran off the train."

After years of dating in NYC, Jenny Wood takes matters into her own hands, running off a crowded subway train to give her business card to a stranger. 

In this episode, you will learn: 

1. How Jenny Wood met her husband 

2. Why you should chase what you want

3. What Jenny is doing now, including her work with Google and her upcoming book

Jenny Wood is an executive at Google and the founder of the company's "Own your career" program. She is also an author, tap dancer, and pilot, among many other skills.

This is Jenny Wood's story...

Jenny Wood was on a mission to find her husband. She was riding the subway home from work and saw a good-looking guy standing across from her. She thought to herself, "If he gets off at my stop, then I'll talk to him." He got off at an earlier stop, so she ran after him and tapped him on the shoulder. 



Jenny Wood

Jenny Wood has grown from entry-level to an executive role at Google over her 15 years with the company, and she leads a large technical team that touches tens of billions of revenue per year. In 2021, she started a passion project within Google called Own Your Career. Through the program she founded, she’s trained 39,000 people on acing a job search, building relationships, personal branding, effective email writing, landing the right mentor, maximizing workplace influence, and most importantly, increasing confidence. A former Harvard Business Publishing writer, Jenny is now writing a book about going above and beyond to achieve your goals unapologetically. Jenny is an FAA-licensed private pilot, a daily hiker, an improv student, a tap dancer, a musical-theater lover, and a banana bread connoisseur. She lives in Boulder, Colorado, with her two young children and her husband, Jon. She met Jon by chasing him off the NYC Subway, and the New York Times featured their story.

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