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June 21, 2022

Burning Everything to Find True Purpose | Kelly Anderson

Burning Everything to Find True Purpose | Kelly Anderson

Episode 15: Kelly Anderson

In this episode, I host my new connection, Kelly Anderson. Kelly and I met through LinkedIn, but as you will notice through the conversation, we found a strong connection through the discussion about her pivotal moments. In this episode, Kelly talks about how she left the corporate world to find her purpose. Her story will resonate with anyone that has ever asked themselves, “Is this all there is to life? The same routine day in and day out?” I loved having this conversation with Kelly and creating new, stronger bonds with people living their purpose.

Kelly is a Certified Life Coach, spiritual enthusiast, and former 9-5 corporate ladder climber. After navigating several massive life changes during the pandemic, Kelly experienced a soul awakening that set her on the path of fully stepping into her purpose. Through her coaching business, she helps change-makers and soul-driven individuals shift from feeling "stuck" to thriving in their unique version of purpose and fulfillment.

Connect with Kelly:

Instagram: @iamkellyanderson



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