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July 19, 2022

Are You Going to Stop Drinking Forever? | Heidi Kirby

Are You Going to Stop Drinking Forever? | Heidi Kirby

Episode 19: Heidi Kirby

Welcome back to The Life Shift Podcast—candid conversations about the pivotal moments that change lives forever!


In this episode, Matt is joined by learning and development leader, adjunct podcast professor, and host of the BLOC (Building Learning and Organizational Culture) podcast, Heidi Kirby. She is also finishing her Ph.D. program in Instructional Design and Technology.


Heidi talks about the journey from her ultra-religious childhood to the height of her alcohol addiction.

Listen as Heidi tells compelling tales of her addiction while functioning through college and the event that served as a wake-up call.


Finally, hear what Heidi thinks about how anxiety and perfectionism play into her experience as an alcoholic and while sober.


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