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Oct. 4, 2022

An Emotional Parenting Journey - Infertility, Multiples, & Special Needs | Erica Kelly

An Emotional Parenting Journey - Infertility, Multiples, & Special Needs | Erica Kelly

S1E30: Erica Kelly

In this episode, I speak with friend, mother, style guru, and physician credentialing specialist Erica Kelly.

Erica shares the story of her journey to creating a family with her husband, Ryan. After facing challenges, she and her husband opted for fertility treatments, resulting in their first daughter, Brooklyn. Then, knowing they wanted to have more children, Erica and her husband sought more treatments which brought them on a journey of having twins.


Listen as Erica tells us how she felt when she learned they were having twins. We talked about how she really felt versus what the world wanted her to feel. And then, we dive into the moments that they discovered that one of her twins would likely have special needs. Our conversation hits on the need for women to feel okay with whatever they are feeling at any moment despite what the world around them wants them to do.


Finally, hear what Erica would say to someone facing unexpected news through fertility treatments and building the “dream” family.


I hope you leave this conversation feeling inspired.

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Erica is a wife & mother to three children living in South Florida. After battling infertility for several years, she eventually gave birth to one daughter in 2015 and then twins, a boy & a girl, in 2018. Balancing a full-time job as a physician credentialing specialist & full-time home “work” as a wife & mother, she’s also had to adapt to another title of special needs parent. Erica enjoys spending time with her family & friends, reading Colleen Hoover books, online shopping, and really enjoys a spicy margarita.

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