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April 19, 2022

A Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis Changed Everything | Morgan Gallo

A Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis Changed Everything | Morgan Gallo

A Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis Changed Everything | Ep 6: Morgan Gallo

Join me on this episode as I talk to my friend, Morgan (Mo), from high school. Our paths only briefly passed, but we sparked a strong connection, and since then, I have been following her journey. In this episode, we talk about how Mo's MS (Multiple Sclerosis) diagnosis changed her life and how she feels it necessary to bring her to the current appreciation for the simple things in life. We discuss honoring our pasts and learning to be vulnerable, and providing space because "our mess is our message."

Mo's journey has been the catalyst that has helped rebuild her foundation for her life, leading her to fully align with her Soul's purpose. Whether it is entertaining on a comedy stage, speaking at an event, teaching breathwork, serving as a Spiritual and well-being coach, or helping others heal through an Intuitive Session, her goal is to aid others with their healing process (whatever that might look like) and to help them find their Soul's purpose. To better serve others in this light, she has become a certified Mari Consultant, breath coach, and hypnotherapist specializing in past life regression (QHHT). Her latest endeavor is co-hosting a Spiritual & Well-being based podcast that provides a fun, raw, positive, and safe space for those seeking answers and guidance on the Mind, Body, & Soul. She created this podcast in light of those seeking a different perspective than what society has taught us.

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