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Aug. 16, 2022

A Devastating Phone Call Changed Everything | Melissa Matto

A Devastating Phone Call Changed Everything | Melissa Matto

Episode 23: Melissa Matto

Welcome back to The Life Shift Podcast—candid conversations about the pivotal moments that change lives forever!


In this episode, Matt is joined by Real Estate Agent, Broadway and Television Hair and Wig Supervisor, and former podcaster Melissa Matto. She's worked on numerous Broadway shows, the Today Show, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and multiple Netflix Series.


Melissa talks about the journey to finding her true passion, triggered by a sudden phone call she received while heading to the airport in an Uber. The hospital called to tell her that her father had passed suddenly.


Listen as Melissa tells compelling tales of how her journey changed after the phone call. We discuss the new perspectives her life shift provided and why she chose to chase new passions.


Finally, hear what Melissa would tell others facing the loss of someone so close.


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