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April 6, 2023

Preview: Alex Knight - After the Recording: Patreon Bonus Episode #8

Preview: Alex Knight - After the Recording: Patreon Bonus Episode #8

Patreon Bonus Episode 8 Teaser - Alex Knight

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I wanted to share this clip from Alex Knight's bonus episode recording for the Patreon members. In these recordings, I reconnect with past guests to discuss their experience on The Life Shift Podcast, share their stories, and allow them to share any updates since their episode aired.

In this clip, we talk about the value of sharing stories to create connections and understanding. The full bonus episode with Alex is available on the Patreon feed. Please consider supporting the show with the link below.

Alex Knight's Full Episode (#10) can be found here: https://www.thelifeshiftpodcast.com/music-paved-the-way-for-everything-else-alex-knight/

Thank you for the support along the way. If you want to help support the show and join the Patreon, please check out www.thelifeshiftpodcast.com/join

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